Speakers 2018

John Rosenkilde

Essential energy medicine/psychology and META-Health

Essential energy medicine/psychology and META-Health: the two essential parameters in general health and the cause of all disease.

In this lecture by John Rosenkilde, the importance of energy is explained and shown, as well as the root cause of all disease – cell plus and cell minus. Important aspects do not need to be complicated and even the most complicated truth has a simple core. This lecture will explain the following things:

What is energy?

What is disease?

What can I do to stay healthy and heal myself?

The knowledge that John Rosenkilde will be imparting has been scientifically proven in the Western world, which is why it has been supressed and not spoken about for more than 20 years. There is no place for it in a world obsessed with money and expansion – the world is basically a business.

This purpose of this lecture is to provide a basic and fundamental understanding of the health paradigm of the future.

John Rosenkilde is a META-Health and EFT practitioner (among other things) and an explorer.

His first book has just been published, which is about the health paradigm of the future, explained in straightforward terms and using simple metaphors. The subject matter is vast and normally very complicated and difficult to understand. It is based on the latest scientific knowledge in the Western world and describes a new reality, which is often completely different from the one that we have always known. This is why it is commonly referred to as ‘the new physics’. Scientifically, it bridges the areas of physics, psychology and spirituality.

John Rosenkilde has been working with this new paradigm for 8 years. He has treated approx. 1,200 clients in his practise, doing more than 10,000 sessions and 30,000 hours of therapy. Clients normally adhere to a programme, which they also do at home, and experience that their conditions improve. Many clients feel as if they have been given a new lease on life. John Rosenkilde’s sessions with cancer patients have been particularly successful. In the first few years, the cancer patients he saw were usually terminally ill, as they saw this as their last chance to get well.

Since 2012, John Rosenkilde has been giving approx. 30 lectures each year, as he feels that people need to hear about this knowledge first-hand, so they know how to help themselves. After attending lectures, the most common remarks are, “Why haven´t I heard this before?” as well as, “I would never have thought that what I’ve just heard was possible,” and, “This is so simple and logical.”

John Rosenkilde is a member of the international META-Health organization IMMA (International Meta Medicine Association).

John Rosenkilde’s website: www.metaterapeuten.dk

John Rosenkilde’s e-mail address: john@metaterapeuten.dk

Tlf: +45 5127 0999