Speakers 2018

Randy Maugans

Artificial Intelligence, Humane Tech, and the Soul Equation

From the inception of human consciousness and the organic creation of worlds, there has existed a parallel intelligence that synthesises, harvests and restricts present day human beings.

These accounts exist in the lore and ancient texts extant, megalithic structures like Gobekli Tepe, to the curious anomalies and artefacts that appear in our present day landscape.

This ancient predator has many guises from the ancient gnostic archons, alien races, to our now emerging modern “technology” interfaces. Technology, from the Greek origins, via Aristotle as “techne” as a “rational faculty exercised in making something… a productive quality exercised in combo with true reason.”

Aristotle believed that the business of techne is to “bring something into existence which has its efficient cause in the maker and not in itself.” We will examine the origins of artificial intelligence( A.I.), how it has now merged into a vast networked system of databases, neural networks and nascent quantum computers, in an effort to outstrip, outpace and eventually absorb the organic essence of the Living Beings known as humans – and the humans own vessel, the natural intelligence source called Earth.

We propose that this technology is based on ancient concepts of soul capture and mind-wiping, which leave humans in a perpetual state of spiritual amnesia, stripped of their inherent natural abilities to operate in the mental realms of psi.

We will show that resistance is NOT futile, and that despite all efforts by machines and their human architects, the true human faculties can not only prevail, but triumph via “codes” that are now becoming accessible as we enter the great cycle of the next spiritual evolution.

Randy Maugans is the creator/host of OffPlanet Radio and TV. He works in the tech field, was previously a DJ and radio talk show host on AM radio in the United States.

After running on shortwave radio from 2003-2007, he podcast the alternative Christian radio show, The Threshing Floor, until 2009, when he began the anthology series, Exotica, later renamed, OffPlanet Radio.

The show focuses on themes of the paranormal, black science, deep politics, mind control and the advancement of human consciousness. His interest in the esoteric, paranormal and occult stems from early life experiences, which fuelled his quest to understand the complex issues of the phenomena called UFOS and ETS, as well as mind control programs and weaponized psychic warfare.

He uses a spiritual approach to the many topics, while maintaining a journalistic approach that allows for a wide range of views to be explored in an objective manner.

OffPlanet Radio expanded into live TV in 2015 with the network series OffPlanet TV, which continues online via the YouTube channel, with now over 1 million views.

Website: http://radio.offplanetmedia.net
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/offplanetradio