Speakers 2018

Ole Dammegård

The Ultimate Dot Connector

Since the year 2014, researcher and international lecturer Ole Dammegård has been able to predict approximately 12 planned false flag terror attacks. He has also personally played a part in defusing several planned massacres.

So how does he do it? For over 30 years, Ole Dammegård has devoted his life to understanding and exposing orchestrated state-sponsored terrorism around the world, where the guilty parties are not Muslim terrorists, but ice-cold private contractors or assets brought in from the US Special Forces, NATO, the Gladio network or secret intelligence agencies.

At the recent Open Mind Conferences, he has exposed many of the templates and players used in this brutal agenda. This year, he will take us on an amazing tour, showing us how he has managed to connect the dots and how we can learn to spot the hidden clues ourselves, so we too can help to prevent possible future “attacks”.

Prepare for yet another mind-blowing presentation from Ole Dammegård, who has not only received the Prague Peace Prize and has been adopted by the Apache Nation, but has also had his last name turned into a verb. Researchers in many different countries are “dammegarding”, joining in this global forensic search in an effort to establish global peace and harmony.

Ole Dammegård is an author, inventor, former journalist and investigator who has dedicated some 30 years of his life into researching global conspiracies. His main focus has been finding out the real truth about the assassinations of the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Lady Diana and the truth behind 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Boston Marathon bombings etc.

Ole Dammegård has discovered very strong links between the terror attacks e.g. identifying people that he alleges are linked to both the JFK and Olof Palme murders. The global elite seem to have used the same “skilled mechanics” for decades who do their dirty jobs for them.

Ole Dammegård has been a special guest on many programmes, such as The People’s Voice, Red Ice Creations (10 hours) (Sweden/USA), Project Camelot, (USA), Veritas Radio (USA), The Real Deal with Prof. Jim Fetzer (USA), No Lies Radio with Dr Kevin Barrett (USA), Super Woo Radio (Australia), Global Peace Radio (UK), Open Your Mind Radio (Ireland), Talk Radio Europe (Spain), Freedom Radio (Denmark) and Freedom Reigns, Australian Phi in the Sky. He has also had articles published on prominent websites such as Veterans Today. His books include Coup d’etat in Slow Motion, Shadow of Tears, Re-Mind Me and Yolanda Yogapanda.

Ole Dammegård was awarded the Prague Peace Prize as an investigator, who has dedicated over 30 years to researching the truth and is considered a leading expert on false flag operations. He has been a speaker at many International conferences, including the JFK Conference in Dallas.

Ole Dammegård’s website: https://www.lightonconspiracies.com