Speakers 2018

Niels Harrit

The Document That Launched the 9/11 Wars

We call them “the 9/11 wars” – the seemingly unending destruction of the Middle East and North Africa, which has been going on for the last seventeen years.

While the legal foundation for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has been challenged in several countries, almost no attention has been directed to the legality of the attack on Afghanistan.

One obstacle in addressing this has been the assumption that the key document was still classified. But as demonstrated in the presentation, this document was apparently declassified in 2008.

Niels Harrit, PhD, was born in 1945. He served as an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen from 1971 – 2009 and has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers. Since 2007, he has been actively involved in the global 9/11 truth movement and demanded an independent investigation of the terror attacks on 11th September 2001.

He was the leading author of a scientific paper, published in April 2009, describing the findings of active thermitic material in the dust from the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers.

He is a member of the 9/11 consensus panel. Over the years, Niels Harrit has given more than 350 presentations on the collapse of the World Trade Center towers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, China, Australia, Russia and Iceland.

Link to 9/11 Consensus Panel website: http://www.consensus911.org