Speakers 2018

Frank Rasmussen

What are chemtrails?

The development of new types of fuel for jet planes at the end of the 20th Century completely changed the way people travelled. Rather than being an expensive way for the wealthy to travel, flying became much cheaper and was now available to people with even the lowest incomes.

With the new types of fuel and the increase in the number of flights all around the world, a new kind of pollution problem saw the light of the day. Today, air pollution from planes is one of the biggest environmental issues on the planet and profoundly affects the climate and all life on Earth.

The powers that be created chemtrails to ensure that environmental and climate experts would not start asking too many questions. This lecture answers the question – what are chemtrails?

One of the founders of the Open Mind Conference is Frank Rasmussen – an entrepreneur who has worked with environmental engineering since 1994 in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and green energy technologies. He is a qualified mechanical engineer, and in his free time, is an active sailor.

At the beginning of the 21st Century, Frank Rasmussen noticed how the sky gradually began to change. Instead of normal cloud cover, more and more persistent contrails from jet planes appeared and, after a while, they became artificial clouds. As a sailor and an environmental engineer who cares deeply about the health of the planet, Frank Rasmussen began investigating the conspiracy known as chemtrails in 2007.