Speakers 2018

Carl Henrik Rorbeck

Origins and structure of NWO and Deep State

During the 1990s, Carl Henrik Rorbeck spent a couple of years in the USA, where he befriended a number of people with a profound knowledge of the New World Order and the Deep State.

Some visited him at his home during this period and passed on some of their knowledge at great risk to themselves – one individual even had to live underground for several years.

The presentation deals with this knowledge and the personal experiences of Carl Henrik Rorbeck, who believes that the top secret societies – despite battling amongst themselves – have controlled the world since 1945.

Carl Henrik Rorbeck was born in 1955. After studying medicine, linguistics and psychology at the University of Copenhagen, he ventured into business and had a long career as a director of security for a large corporation and an independent fraud examiner. He has lived in five different countries – India, Iceland, England, the USA and South Africa – and educated himself, mainly in the USA.

During this time, Carl Henrik Rorbeck befriended many people in law enforcement, security and intelligence who had a profound knowledge of the “Deep State”. He has written several books, most notably The Nature of Spirit, which is about esoteric yoga in the light of modern science, and most recently The Assassination of Democracy (in Danish), which is about following leads in the crime of the century.