For the second year running, the Open Mind Conference DK 2015 will be held in Copenhagen in the wonderful Kedelhallen in Frederiksberg on 19-20th September.

Once again, the OMC team is proud to present exciting lectures from both Danish and international speakers.

Former Gulf War veteran Ken O’Keefe (US) will be talking about his extraordinary and powerful life experience as he transformed from being a soldier into a human rights activist.

Former scientist and girlfriend to Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Vary Baker (US) will be discussing how to unlock the possible origin of today’s cancer epidemic.

Internationally known club and radio DJ Mark Devlin (UK) will be speaking about the hidden agenda of the corporate music industry – spanning from the time of The Beatles, The Doors and Jimmy Hendrix to Beyoncé and Madonna.

Once again, the internationally known researcher Ole Dammegård (ES) will be talking about the similarities between the latest terror attacks in Ottawa, Sydney, Paris and Copenhagen. Be prepared to hear some explosive revelations.

Professor Johan Oldenkamp (NL) has, for many years, done in depth research into original ancient writings. He will be sharing his understanding of science and religion in the lecture “The Original Ten Commandments”.

From Denmark, the author, farmer and public speaker Lone Vitus (DK) will be talking about the poor quality of the world’s food production and the close relationship between officials, politicians, farmers' organisations, consulting companies, food processing companies, the chemical industry, the financial sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

"Open Music Corner" Jan-Åke Jönsson (SE) – guitarist, bass player, arranger and music teacher – will perform soft, relaxing and beautiful solo guitar music at the Open Mind Conference during early mornings and intermissions. Jan lives as a freelance musician outside Malmö in south of Sweden.

The final event of the conference will be a panel discussion between all of the speakers and the audience. Join the Open Mind Conference 2015 in Copenhagen for a mind-blowing experience you´ll never forget.

This year, the OMC are introducing a new event called RealityTalk. RealityTalk is a mini panel debate forum between the invited panel participants and the audience. Controversial subjects will be discussed in depth in a warm and friendly environment. This year, Judyth Vary Baker will be sharing what she knows about the JFK assassination alongside researcher Ole Dammegård.


See you at the Open Mind Conference DK 2015. DOORS WILL OPEN 9.30 AM.

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