Open mind conference 2014, Kedelhallen, Copenhagen

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OpenMindConference 2014 is proud to announce the program for the 2014 event.

The conference will be held in Copenhagen in Kedelhallen at Frederiksberg on 20-21 september and this year we will present very exciting topics and speakers.

From Australia comes one of our times great thinkers Max Igan and tells us about transhumanism in the lecture " Reclaiming the Earth - steps towards a collective awakening ."

From Germany comes the economic journalist Lars Schall , who unlocks the financial scandals of insider trading around 911 in the lecture "Informed 9/11 terrorist Trading ".

From Scandinavia the researcher Ole Dammegaard connect the doots in the lecture " Light on Conspiracies - how they are all connected" and professor Olle Johannsson educates us in the lecture " Health effects and electromagnetic fields "

From Norway comes one of Scandinavia's highly profiled social critics Ingunn Sigurdsdatter and tells us about her amazing personal journey in the lecture "Regaining dominion: how did we become corporate products and how can we reclaim sovereignty and control of our lives?

And again the fantastic speaker from US Charles Shaw with the lecture "Are We All One? - social engineering and the “Alternative Culture”.  

Read more about the speakers here

It will be very exciting and a great experience for all. A forum to meet new interesting people and expand your knowledge!

PS: Buy the " early bird " special tickets before june 6th and save DKK 250,-



Speakers 2014

  • Ingunn Sigurdsdatter (NO) "How can we reclaim sovereignty and control of our lives?" "Ingunn Sigurdsdatter was working as a university teacher and was co-owner of a successful tour operating company, when she experienced an… [...]
  • Charles Shaw (US) "Are We All One? - social engineering and the “Alternative Culture” Charles Shaw is the award-winning American journalist, editor and author of the critically-acclaimed memoir ‘Exile Nation: Drugs, prisons, Politics and Spirituality’… [...]

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